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BIO: John was a former professor and Dean at Chapman University School of Law.  He was a former law clerk to Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas.  More recently he was one of President Trump’s attorneys surrounding election fraud and spoke with President Trump and Rudy Gulianni on January 6 at the capital in Washington D.C.


SPEAKER:  Dr. Thomas Krannawitter

BIO: Claremont Graduate University/Speakeasy Ideas/

Vino & Veritas Society

Dr Krannawitter is a constitutional scholar and lecturer who founded
Speakeasy Ideas and is co-founder of Vino & Veritas Society. He has taught
at various Colorado Christian University and Hillsdale College, George
Mason University. He is the author of several books such as Save the
Swamp: Career Guide Book for Budding Bureaucrats, Vindicating Lincoln to
name a few. He has appeared on The Hugh Hewitt Show and National
Public Radio in Chicago. His most recent work was a live performance on
July 28 th 2022 in Nashville with Dr. Ben Carson called “Rediscovering

SPEAKER:  Professor Rob Natelson

BIO: Independence Institute

He is nationally known constitutional scholar and author whose research into the history and legal meaning of the constitution and his work has been cited repeatedly at the U. S. Supreme Court, federal appeals court, and state supreme courts.  Unlike most constitutional writers, he has academic training not merely in law or in history, but in both!  He focuses on keeping his investigation's objective.  He is an expert on Article V Convention of States and authored an Article V handbook for state lawmakers.  He wrote a popular book call, The Original Constitution.  What it actually Said and Meant.  He is a weekly contributor with The Epoch Times and has had contributions with the Washington Post, Washington Times, The Economist, The American Spectator, Wallstreet Journal, Barron’s, the Daily Caller,, The Hill and CNS News.

SPEAKER:  Pastor Joseph Merrill

BIO: Gateway College of Evangelism/Texas A&M

Pastor Joe began his ministry at the age of 15.  He is a dynamic speaker and currently lead Pastor and founder at Covenant Church in Lake Havasu City, Arizona.  He graduated with a degree in Theology from Gateway College of Evangelism and earned a B.S. degree at Texas A&M in Kinesiology and History.  He is also a John Maxwell Certified Trainer.

SPEAKER:  Elizabeth C'de Baca Eastman, Ph.D.

BIO: Claremont University

Elizabeth has taught Political Science, History and Liberal Studies at Roosevelt, California and Azusa Pacific, Chapman Universities.  Most recently she was Senior Scholar of the Benson Center in 2020 &2021 at the University of Colorado, Boulder.

SPEAKER:  Steven Maikoski

BIO: Author

Steven is a military veteran who gained his interest in political science as he worked for several political influence groups, which led to his curiosity about our Constitution and its history. All of his studies have been personal.  His first book  The Real Constitution and its Real Enemies.  As a professional photographer he provided services for many at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, mainly USA Basketball.  Awarded Star Crest Solo #1299.

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